Thursday, December 15, 2005

Scotch ...

Picture of the Scotch which we toasted on in Goa. Its was the classic Balvenie, 10 years old and even though I`m not an occasional drinker and may be not the best person to comment but it was really smooth :)

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

New Cam :)

Well, I have been out of blogging for over a month now I guess. Reason being, I was actually waiting for my new cam to come. Bought Canon S1 IS from amazon and it had a looong journey before it fell into my hands. Arpit ordered it for me from Amazon, then pele`s sis brought it to India (Kota) from where pele got it when he went home for diwali and then he delivered it to my house in B`lore from where I took it on my way to Goa. Had no experience whtsoever when I first operated it in Goa. Just did some old point and shoot there. Really missed a grt opportunity to take some good nature pics there but i simply had no time to experiment with this cam.

Well came back and did a lot of reading and shooting and reading. Still tons of things to experiment. Not able to find time to go out and shoot, will do that soon. In the meantime did some shooting near my place.

Well this for a start, was experimenting with my cams depth of field, and its focus in dim light. Now wht I got here simply amazed me, wont say tht I intended this. Asked many people wht they think is in this picture. Found all sort of things as an answer. Coconut being predominant(??)

Well this is a close up of my Flute :)
The thing I liked here was the texture gradient and the reflection it got around the rim.

Well apart from tht did some outdoor experiments, these are some of the pics

This I photographed to check my manual aperture settings. With experience I`ll be able to know which 'f' value fits perfect for such distances. The background blurring effect was achieved with success.
Well but then I took another one in an automatic mode just to see wht values my processor decides. That pic turned out to have a better balance :D

This I shot in the night. I somehow prefer to do night photography. Well initally was failing miserably to get night shots and all my shots were underexposed. Also lot of shaking was taking place. Well then Ashu gave some fundaes about fixing ur elbow to ur chest and it works. Shots of shutter time upto 1.5 secs can be taken with ease. This was taken with an exposure time of arnd 1 sec. Again the gradient and shades is what I like here.

This is all for now. This was my start, had a look at the album of Ashu`s, which he took during his stay at IIT-G. They were awesome. Still a lot to experiment. What I really miss is a tripod to take some good night pics. Will try some more and will post them here.

Till then ...