Saturday, October 29, 2005


A Picture is worth a thousand words' or so goes a saying. Well dunno bout the number of words i need to describe this but when i received this picture I was simply impeccable. This pic was taken just after we got over with our convocation.


Never imagined while strikin a pose tht it would come like this. Smile radiating from the heart shadowing on the face. Ever wonderered why can`t we smile like this in all our pics.........may be you dont feel like it, may be it automatically comes on to you when you know that probably this is the last time you are smiling with these people. Probably that Aura surrounds you.........or is it just me seeing things. Whtever...........

(Standin from your Left) 1) Gaurav Singh, from Jaipur, presently in Pune, working at Bharat Forge 2) Nagendra Singh Dhakar, from Bharatpur(i dont know the exact name of place:D), now in Mumbai servicing Halcrow 3) Anirban Das, from (somewhere in the vicinity of Bhilai:D), now in Pune, playing with big bucks at CDLS equity firm 4) Piyush Prahladka, a non-bong from Calcutta, in Bangalore with the BigG Google 5) Amit Goyal, hailin from Kota, now in Bangalore, keeps changin jobs, i guess now at Synopsis
Standing in the middle from your Left 1) Shahzad Aktar Wakeel, from the land of lalu, Patna, is in Pune now with Synechron Software solns 2) Anand Gautam hailin from the same place Patna and residin also at the same place Pune now, he is with ZS Marketing consultancy

Sitting(rather kneeling) from your left 1) Vamsi Krishan(thts me;)), (from various places, now in Bangalore), presently in Chennai with Larsen n Toubro 2) Deepak Laddha, from Jodhpur, he is now in Mumbai and was with BPCL last heard Boston Analytics were trying to steal him:)

I would like to mention another indispensable member of our gang here, rather two.

First is the great Arpit jain, coming from Udaipur, is currently in Illinois, California, gone to complete his studies (thts his version) at the UIUC. I will soon put up his pic here;)

Another person although not here among us now is always with each one of us always.........Sachin Garg, from Muzaffarnagar, is now at the most splendid place out of reach of our mere mortals. We all love u Mua:*

Thts it friends our gang at IIT- Bombay

Dont have many pics now, promise to come back with more pblogs bout each of us.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

My Roomie_my first photo blog

This is my Roomie

                 Well this is my first photo blog. Normally if you would see a persons photo in his first photoblog u would believe its his photo which he had published. Well on the contrary this is not me.
       Although the person in the frame may look overtly innocent and very 'seedha-saadha' he is, if nything else, not even a distant light year close to seedha sadha:). Well lemme introduce to you ladies n gentlemen, my first year roomie, Nagendra Singh Dhakar, or Naggu as we call him.

Our meetin was through a letter, yeah thts right a letter, tht too not written by him:D. When I came to our room I found a lock and a piece of paper attached to it which said in the pseudest of english know tht he has gone to his LG`s house and will only return the next day. Well I was already having blues bout how to survive the 'HEP' people of Mumbai and all and here I find this letter. I thought he must be some pseud 'typical Xavier' sougha guy and god knows how i`ll adjust with him.......but fate it seems had some other plans.

Next day I come and see this (dont worry, I was also mistaken like u all and 'innocent' was my first impression)...........lying ill on the bed. His LGs were with him and they did all the talkin and he din utter a single word. LG`s left and we were there both  lying on our backs staring at the ugly wall. I initiated a discussion which he answered in minimal no of syllables required and then again staring thing started.
Somehow got to know tht it was his LG`s who wrote tht letter and not him and he was sick the whole last two days.

(I guess this is enuff for my first blog..........there r soo much to hell bout him tht i`ll post another blog, kyon naggu:P)