Wednesday, October 26, 2005

My Roomie_my first photo blog

This is my Roomie

                 Well this is my first photo blog. Normally if you would see a persons photo in his first photoblog u would believe its his photo which he had published. Well on the contrary this is not me.
       Although the person in the frame may look overtly innocent and very 'seedha-saadha' he is, if nything else, not even a distant light year close to seedha sadha:). Well lemme introduce to you ladies n gentlemen, my first year roomie, Nagendra Singh Dhakar, or Naggu as we call him.

Our meetin was through a letter, yeah thts right a letter, tht too not written by him:D. When I came to our room I found a lock and a piece of paper attached to it which said in the pseudest of english know tht he has gone to his LG`s house and will only return the next day. Well I was already having blues bout how to survive the 'HEP' people of Mumbai and all and here I find this letter. I thought he must be some pseud 'typical Xavier' sougha guy and god knows how i`ll adjust with him.......but fate it seems had some other plans.

Next day I come and see this (dont worry, I was also mistaken like u all and 'innocent' was my first impression)...........lying ill on the bed. His LGs were with him and they did all the talkin and he din utter a single word. LG`s left and we were there both  lying on our backs staring at the ugly wall. I initiated a discussion which he answered in minimal no of syllables required and then again staring thing started.
Somehow got to know tht it was his LG`s who wrote tht letter and not him and he was sick the whole last two days.

(I guess this is enuff for my first blog..........there r soo much to hell bout him tht i`ll post another blog, kyon naggu:P)


Vamsi said...

Sorry thodi badi lag gayi and tera haath kat gaya:P:P

Arpit Jain said...
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Arpit Jain said...

naggu ka panther pose lag raha hai!...ready to attack someone innocent :D

nsdhakar said...

:D....abe itna bada photo :O...waise main pahli baar tere blogs pad raha hoon.
don't worry i will put comments for each bolg.:d
arpit jain fatte na maar, vamsi ke bolg main fatte maarega to bat attack kardega.:))

Vamsi said...

Mere roomie darling, yeh to pehala post hai........tu dhek apne kaarnaamon ke aur kitne blogs aate hain:*

Naggu said...

:O:O..kaarname :)) arey bhai aisi cheezein duniya ke saamne nahi bolte......ssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhh :)