Sunday, May 21, 2006

Night Shots

Infite is the universe and if you ask what is there in that vast space...............all i can say for sure is DARKNESS.
I love darkness for it gives me a space..........light exposes everything, darkness gives me security..............light wakes up everyone and generates chaos, night gives me a serene calmness. In the morning, light engulfs everything, in the night, light can only cast shadows........ I like shadows for it gives me a sense of presence in this vast world of anonymosity. I like shadows coz unlike light it does not discriminate with you on the basis of does not give you any false matter the light the shadows cast is always dark. It does not leave your side. And when the only ray of light also disappears you are engulfed by the whole space of darkness which is nothing but the shadow of the whole universe. You become one with the whole eternity.
I love the night time.

Dont worry..........have not become a sadist or anything alike........just felt like saying something and it just flew:D.
Well the crux is that I lately have been doing some night photography..........this time have divided my collection into some four parts. The first is my attempt to capture the beauty of the night sky, esp the moon. Rightly I have called it ECLIPSED.

The second part i have not been able to post because the pics are available in another Laptop, will do it soon. The theme for the second part is SHADOWS and one of my favorites.
The third are some two spooky scenes i was trying to capture in the night.........could not find many places and have not been able to travel lately too. The pics in this section are all taken in Chandigargh[;)]. Well bbut the place is a real beauty, wish i had some more time there. Will try to capture some more next time.
The last one is my attempt at Candles........and thanks to Anand for being such a patient recipient. I could not find a better name than radiance for this section.


Free is the moon and it shall walk the whole sky for it has been entrusted the task to light the dark. Many clouds shall pass but it shall radiate and fill the hearts with hope and clear many minds of fears.

Are the leaves trying to capture the moon or is the moon trying to fall in the arms of the nature. It does not matter to me coz whichever way you look at it, they both lose beauty without each other. A perfect example of symbiosis i would say.

For the moon is going into the clouds or emerging out of it is only a matter of judgement and state of mind:)


Well to start of this was a wonderful theme water fountain ..... well no comments on this, just found it pleasing:)

This was a complete series of trees like this, no leaves and very hard trunk and a complete plaster like appearance on the top.......couldnt make a head or tail of it.........and ofcourse it was looking damn scary in the night, esp at 3am

This was an abondoned car lying in some corner at some place.........really found it scary

Well no big deal about this pic you would say............well yes, except for the lightning streak you would notice towards the top in the sky. :), well the time was 3am and it was raining heavily..........this pic was taken by keeping shutter open for 8 seconds. Night or day ...... you decide

This pic was taken by my new dear roomie Anand Prakash, well it seems the photography bug has bitten him too:)

This pic needs no comments .......... impeccable.
The calmness is what stirs me ......... This was my first attempt with candles and it turned out pretty ok.

Can be worked out as some NGO`s emblem..........protector of the light

Thanks again to anand for helping me out.........would not have been possible without him

The ripples in the flame and the radiance being reflected in the face. Some mystical/evil aura surronds the whole space

Disillusioned..........not liking the light at all........why has this radiance been enforced upon me. Let me hide in the darkness for the light from a mere flame is no answer to my errands

And here look at the contrast from the other pic........i simply love the difference. Notice the change of the whole ambience.

Introspective glance...........mind on the verge of a breakthrough. Eyes glancing at the flame and having a hint of enlightenment and hands trying to protect the flame which again is very sharp.

Well the difference of effects was achieved by increasing the exposure settings in the first pic a bit and changing the flim properties to tungsten film. Also the focus in the socond pic is on the flame of teh candle while it was the face in the first pic:)

And for all of you interested ppl (esp girls:P) the face in the picture is of Anand Prakash (and believe me he looks more spooky and drunk than he appears in the pic:D)


Sunil Kundal said...

nice photography re ...
i must say ki the tree pic and the car pic along with some candle pics are the best ..

Himanshu Rathore said...


Beautiful pics. I loved pics of candle & moon. Really really beautiful. By the way which camera are you using?

zxcv said...

saale tere insti se time mile to ek studio bhi khol le ;)
nice pics dude, sahi main yaar mast photography karta hai tu.

Ashish Gupta said...

itni saari daal di, ek apni photu nahi daal sakta tha? :P

Piyush Prahladka said...

abey andhere se nikal roshni mein aa ..

sidkc said...

these are some amazing pics! never knew you were so into photography :)

good luck and waiting for more such beauties :)

Anonymous said...

d night shots r jusss gr8..
wz truly takn aback...
specially d night sky...
dat leaves vali pic z realllyyy pretty!!
u ve capturd it bfully..

Prantik said...

very nice are inspiring me to take up photography!!!